Turkey Hunting

available in Alabama & Missouri

Eastern wild turkeys are our passion. Spring gobbler season is one of the best times of year in Alabama. The weather is usually comfortable and mild. We scout and find strut zones and feeding areas for your hunt. Chufa fields are a good choice for late morning and afternoon hunting. We normally have some permanent blinds set up for these hunts.

Turkey Hunting Tips

  • Setting up on a gobbler is a huge part of your hunt in order to be successful. Turkeys tend to want to head to certain areas when they fly off the roost each morning. Knowing where the gobbler wants to go to be near his hens is the key.
  • Turkey hunting can be done by setting up and passively calling a gobbler, or by closing the distance yourself. You can actively do both to get the best results.
  • Early spring is mating season for turkeys. Males surrounded by hens will not be as responsive to hen calls because they are surrounded by potential mates. Gobblers in search of a mate, however, will be very eager to seek out a calling hen.
  • Later in the season, after most mating is done, gobbler yelps and calls will be more effective than hen calls because they tend to flock together for the summer.

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